The Argyrotype process is an Iron base process of hand coating watercolor paper with a light sensitive emulsion. The paper is then contact printed with a 4"x5" or 8"x10" black and white negative, exposing them under UV light. There are no enlarger used in the process.

Every print is an original because every environmental and process factor, including humidity can affects the contrast or density of the final print this includes the brush strokes that are unique to each print. Cropping has to be done in the negative. There is no dodging and burning on the print as you normally could with an enlarger in traditional silver printing.

Prints made from the 4x5 negatives are on 8"x 10" paper and framed 11" x14". Prints from the 8x10 negatives are on 11"x14" paper and framed 22”x25”. All images have deckled edges and are afloat in the center. The hand-tinted images are tinted using watercolor paints and pencils. All prints are framed using acid free mats and conservation/UV absorbing glass.